This rocking Cajun trio (Drew Simon, accordion and Vocals; Megan Brown,guitar and vocals; Kelli Jones, fiddle and vocals) offers waltzes,two-steps and soulful songs of the bayou to tantalize both the Heart and the feet. Drew's been here before as part of the spectacular Pine Leaf Boys, but that stint accounts for but a few of the combined ten Grammy nominations these players bring with them. Influences ranging from early country, ancient French and Creole ballads as well as modern Cajun give them a unique and enticing sound.

The Price Sisters

Twin sisters, Lauren Price and Leanna Price, love and play traditional bluegrass, especially that in the style of Bill Monroe and his Bluegrass Boys, and have developed their own sound around that style. The Monroe County, Ohio, duo features Lauren on the mandolin and Leanna on fiddle. Their vocal harmonies are unsurpassed, strengthened by a bond only siblings can share. While their vocal sound has been likened to that of Alison Krauss, former Bluegrass Boy, Byron Berline, has stated, "To see young people like the Price twins excel on their instruments and sing like only sisters can, really makes me proud to know this music will last for a long time."  In addition to Monroe's influence, they have been inspired by those steeped in tradition and the old-time sounds such as The Carter Family, Jimmie Rodgers, and Hazel Dickens. The duo performed with their family, The Price Family, for several years prior to forming The Price Sisters in 2012.

The Fat Babies

The Fat Babies is an old-time seven piece jazz band.  The band interprets classic styles of 1920s and 1930s vintage. Founded in 2010 by string bass player Beau Sample, members include Andy Schumm (cornet), John Otto (reeds), Dave Bock (trombone), Jake Sanders (banjo and guitar), Paul Asaro (piano), and Alex Hall (drums). The band prides itself on a careful balance of traditional idiosyncrasy and contemporary flare, adding a healthy dose of life to the already vivacious scores they bring to life on stage. Their name comes from the phrase "hotter than a fat baby," and it's one they live up to with howling phrases, thumping dance rhythms, and gliding melodies serving as hallmarks of their music.

Elmore James, Jr. and the Blues Band

< Elmore James Jr. is the son of the late renowned post-war blues artist Elmore James, from whom he first learned to play the guitar (later he would also learn from guitarist Knugg Brooks). Born in 1939 in Mississippi, James Jr. moved to Chicago in 1965. Prior to this move, he lived in Jackson, and played drums with Johnny Temple (a popular pre-war bluesman who achieved popularity in Chicago in the 30's) and Willie Nix. Later he also played the drums in his father's band. James eventually met Willie Dixon, who advised him to change his stage name from Mr. Soul to Elmore James Jr.

James recorded a number of tracks, but later left the music scene and work a day job in the 70's as the Blues scene declined in favor of more popular music. However, he reentered the music scene after his music was re-discovered on a re-release of the album Genuine Mississippi Blues in 1999. James began touring again, in the U.S. and internationally.

Elmore James Jr. will be accompanied by guitarists Billy Flynn and Frank Krakowski, drummer Dean Haas, and bassist Illinois Slim.

Steam Machine

Steam Machine is comprised of fiddler AJ Srubas, guitarist and vocalist Rina Rossi, bassist Nokosee Fields, and banjoist and vocalist Aaron Tacke. The band plays the full sounds of American old-time music with clean, sharp fiddling and rolling three finger banjo, bringing to their audiences the raw, unique sounds of Midwestern songs and tunes from Appalachia. The four band members enjoy sharing the roots and traditions of the music genre wherever they go, having travelled across the nation and world.